Albers Inspires!

In Albers Inspires! I share my experience during my pilgrimage Shikoku88 in Japan. In Japan I walked 1200 kilometres on the isle of Shikoku. Do you dare to follow in my footsteps?

With my Albers Inspires! activities I support you in experiencing ordinary things in a unique way. My workshops, speeches and training help you challenge yourself or your organization to step into a new world and enable change. My challenge is to assist you in taking the first step and experiencing something new. Like I did in Japan!

Shikoku henro – a Japanese pilgrim

In 2019 I made a 1200-kilometre-long pilgrimage by foot on Shikoku Island. During this trail I visited 88 Buddhist temples. As a pilgrim I wore the ‘whites’, so people could see I was a henro. The pilgrimage is known as the Shikoku88.

The trail marked the ending of a period in my life and a new beginning. This made it both a symbolic and ceremonial event. It took me completely out of my comfort zone. The combined elements of an Asian country, speaking a foreign language, a different culture, the repetitive pattern of walking each day and the hostile climate threw me back at myself. This experience made me realize my strengths and what it meant to use them.

Albers Inspireert!

As a Dutchman I work under the company title Albers Inspireert! (Albers Inspires!). I would like to share my experiences with you, your team and/ or your walking community. Are you ready for it?

International sessions can be held via video conferencing (Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams) or (paid) by a personal visit.